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Guide on how to brew Iced Green Tea

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Green Tea can be consumed according to your individual preferences that include serving it hot or cold. When it comes to taste, cold tea may taste slightly different than hot tea but it is still the same tea regarding benefits. Although it is important to know that all properties are still present in cold green tea as well as in hot green tea but some are not as effective as others.

In General, cold brewing requires a longer amount of time compared to hot brewing because to extract flavor cold brewing relies on time.

This can be inconvenient for some, but cold brewing also has several benefits that make up for the longer brewing time.

First, there is the amount of caffeine in your brewed tea. Using cold water extracts less caffeine than using hot water.

Second, cold-brewed tea tastes less bitter due to the fact that more amino acids are released and less tannin and caffeine, which usually cause bitterness and astringency.

Third, one of the risks with hot brewing is using temperatures that are too high, which can scald the delicate tea leaves and negatively affect the quality of the tea (in the end it makes the tea taste bitter). This risk can be eliminated with cold brewing. This makes this method of brewing ideal for beginners.

There are three different ways for you to enjoy this tea. Each has its unique feeling to it.

- Directly with ice.

- With cold water.

- With hot water and quickly cooled down.

Each of the methods mentioned above, extracts the taste and constituents in a unique way. Considering the purpose or taste you like the best. you can choose the method for brewing.

Directly with ice

- Add around 5g to 8g of leaves into a teapot.

- Add ice till the teapot is filled.

- Wait for the ice to melt without doing anything.

- As soon as the ice has thawed, the tea is ready to drink. Pour the tea into the teacups and enjoy low on caffeine tea.

- Repeat the process for a second round or a third round.

Kind of time consuming but unmatched flavorful, directly with ice.

With cold water.

- Add around 5g to 8g of leaves into a teapot.

- Pour cold water into the teapot.

- Wait around 10min or till the water in the teapot has taken on a vivid color.

- Pour alternately little by little, so that the quantity and taste of the tea are equal in each teacup.

In Addition: You also can add around 10g of leaves into a large-sized Kyusu or teapot/bottle. Add cold water around 1l and store in the fridge for around 4 to 5 hours.

Easy to prepare and easy to keep fresh.

With hot water and quickly cooled down.

- Add around 5g to 8g of leaves into a teapot.

- Add around 5g to 8g of leaves into a teapot.- Pour around 200ml (6.8 fl oz) of hot water 70°C to 80°C (158F to 176 F) into the teapot.

- Wait for around 2 to 3 minutes (We need a strong tea because the ice will later weaken the flavor).

- Pour the hot tea into each teacup filled with ice to cool the tea quickly. Pour alternately little by little, so that the quantity and taste of the tea is equal in each teacup.

Well balanced flavor and perfect if time is your concern.

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